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General Conditions

for the Recompensas Club Fresno program is free of charge.

to ensure timely communication with all of our members and will send an e-mail to the address indicated by the member enrollment with all documentation about special promotions and prizes as well as the account summary, whenever an operation is recorded during the past period covered. Account statements may neither be reproduced nor duplicated. Recompensas Club Fresno will not be responsible for any e-mail loss or delay, failure of delivery, or change of e-mail address that the member does not report to Recompensas Club Fresno.

Modify or finished in part or in full, the regulation, privileges, norms, benefits, travel rewards or special offers of the program at its own discretion and without previous notice. This means that Recompensas Club Fresno may introduce changes that may affect members’ affiliations, rules for points allocation, point levels and reward charts.

-Cancel the membership to any member that according to Recompensas Club Fresno has committed fraud, abuse or infringement of the credit points, benefits, use of rewards or any other regulation from the program. When a member is disqualified, that member loses all his/her membership rights including all points accumulated, privileges and benefits. The member will also face the administrative and/or legal actions of Recompensas Club Fresno, as the case requires. Furthermore, the account will be immediately canceled as well as any future participation in Recompensas Club Fresno program.

-Review the balance of points accumulated by the members. The issuing of rewards may be suspended until any discrepancy or anomaly has been satisfactory resolved.

-Discount points mistakenly credited, as well as add points resulting from promotional campaigns opportunely advised to members or else by way of compensation or good will.

all points accumulated by the members will be annulled by Recompensas Club Fresno. In case of partial or total termination of the program, Recompensas Club Fresno will not be responsible for accumulated, unredeemed or unused points of any member.

products or services that were acquired prior to the date of enrollment.

obtained by rewards or other benefits already gained from the program.

Points may not be transferred, sold or given away and the combining of points between guest is also forbidden. Violators will be responsible for all damages, legal and operating costs that may rise.

In such case, all members will be informed about this inclusion and about the conditions imposed by such companies. On the other hand, all companies affiliated with the program may terminate their participation without prior notice.

and the use of rewards involving affiliated companies is subject to the permanence of such companies as participants in the program. Recompensas Club Fresno is not responsible for redeemed and unused rewards during their term of participation.

of their points generated in their stay because they can not accumulate points for the past transactions nor regularize retroactively accounts.

only the spouse or direct descendants of the member will be entitled to use the points accumulated by the deceased member. The corresponding death certificate must be presented as evidence of the member’s death.


enrolled in the program is a Recompensas Club Fresno member.

spent in the rent of the room during their stay at FRESNO GALERIAS hotel, taxes and other consumptions do not generate points.

and comply with all terms and conditions of the Recompensas Club Fresno program available in www.fresnogalerias.com. Each member is responsible for keeping updated and being informed about rules and regulations in order to be aware of his/her rights and responsibilities.


members may request their points at the FRESNO GALERÍAS Hotel reservation department by calling 01 800 7 FRESNO (37 37 66) from Mexico and 1888 332 3581 from U.S. and Canada.

the points corresponding to the requested benefit will be discounted from their account, according to the award chart in effect at the moment of the request. Some benefits may involve the application of additional restrictions. Members are responsible to be routinely updated on the conditions and /restrictions applying to the promotions and use of points.

should be made at least 5 days before arriving at FRESNO GALERÍAS. In order to avoid charges to the account of points or credit card of the members, room reservations involving the use of points must be canceled at least 72 hours prior to the requested date of arrival.

with points may not be billed.

-Modify the conditions of the obtention of benefits, particularly rewards, bonuses and the number of points required; or else to cancel all benefit specials without prior notice and with immediate effect.

-Charge applicable taxes.

are subject to established restrictions and availability.

to provide a credit card number to guarantee a room reservation involving the use of points.

The Recompensas Club Fresno is operated by Fresno Galerías Hotel,
Blvd. Independencia 3851 ote. Col. El Fresno, Torreón Coah., Méx.
Tel. (871) 750 9888